About The BPT Therapy Gym
Brinkley Physical Therapy founder Matt Brinkley is an Adaptive Exercise Specialist with the mission to Make Fitness Accessible.

Matt has been an exercise professional, mainly a personal trainer since 2008. 

Alongside his initial training, Matt worked as a support worker which gave him an open minded approach to the accessible needs of people with disabilities.

Matt then started an adaptive exercise programme where he could support as many people as possible with their exercise needs.

Then he had a real eye opener about the struggles and lack of opportunity for disabled people's activity after meeting with a young man named Alex who had suffered a severe injury following an accident. 

Alex had contacted four personal trainers for exercise support and they had all turned him away due to his 'Limited Ability'. Alex was however delighted to find Matt as his life improved both in fitness and lifestyle. 

Matt's approach was and has continued to be identifying an individual's ability rather than disability and creating a realistic, achievable programme for each individual.

Since then, he has spent the past 10 years training, coaching, and educating people about accessible exercise so they can change their lives too.

In August 2020 Matt opened 'The BPT Therapy Gym' and this is where he supports the gym members and shares his specialist exercise strategies along with the Personal Therapy Training Team.

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